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Price List

Wrinkle Relaxing Injections
1 area £100.00
2 areas £200.00
3 areas £250.00
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Hyperhydrosis (under arm sweating )
1 course £400.00
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Dermal Fillers (inc. Lip and cheek treatments)
If more than one syringe is required, there is a 15% discount for additional syringes. The exact price will depend on which product is used.
Nasolabial lines 1ml syringe from £220.00 (from nose to mouth)
Marionette lines 1ml syringe from £220.00 (from corners of the mouth to chin)
Perioral lines 1ml syringe from £220.00 (smokers lines above the lips)
Lip Augmentation 1ml syringe from £240.00 (border and body of lip)
Cheek enhancement 2 X 1ml syringes £350.00
Tear troughs fixed price £400.00
Nose Correction £260.00
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Restylane Skin Boosters
1 treatment £150.00
3 treatments are recommended every 4 weeks
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Chemical Skin Peels (Agera)
1 treatment £50.00
Combining LED face mask £75.00
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Neo Elegance LED Illumination Face Mask
1 treatment for up to 30 minutes £40.00
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Neo Elegance Facials
(this combines facial treatments to optimise the LED therapy)
Acne and blemishes £50.00
Anti-ageing £60.00 (includes galvanic)
Skin brightening and facial rejuvenation £65.00 (includes galvanic)
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Skin Micro-Needling – Dermapen 3™
1 treatment £150.00
(where a course of treatments is required, there is a 50% discount on the 4th treatment)
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