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Dermapen 3™ Skin Micro Needling

Sometimes known as:   ‘The non surgical face lift’

Dermapen at Skintime AestheticsThis is a revolutionary treatment that tightens, lifts and rejuvenates the skin providing optimal results and minimal if no downtime.

If you have a fear of needles there is no need to worry! The pen utilises patented technology, Advanced Oscillating Vertical Needle (AOVNtm) that is able to offer a gliding action that smoothly and painlessly flows over the skin, preserving epidermal integrity, delivering efficient and proven results.

Dermapen 3 at Skintime AestheticsThe dermapen 3™ is a medical micro-needling device that can be only be used  by a qualified and trained healthcare professional. For each treatment the  Pen is fitted with  disposable 12 surgical grade sterile micro-needle cartridge that offers customised needle depth versatility from 0.00mm to 2.5mm  to different areas of the face and body, which allows  for a tailor made treatment plan for various skin issues. It is the most concentrated and comfortable form of skin micro-needling available. The DERMAPEN 3™  has won numerous awards in the Aesthetic industry for ‘Best skin Rejuvenation Device’ and its innovative design and concept.


As the Pen is glided over the skin a series of microscopic puncture channels are made in the skins matrix stimulating an inflammatory response or wound healing response. This promotes  an intense biological cascade of repair and renewal of  skin cells. Natural growth factors are stimulated and released and increased production of the all important collagen and elastin are produced from the fibroblasts within the cells.

Dermapen 3 at Skintime AestheticsDermapen 3 at Skintime Aesthetics

For optimal results during treatment we use a high concentration Hyaluronic acid  serum that is penetrated into the dermis of the skin, increasing hydration, encouraging  strong firm skin to form. The skin cell cycle is  around 28 days, during which new cells then begin to form, bridging the gaps, rejuvenating, tightening and lifting  the skin.

This is one of the safest  non invasive and non ablative procedure for skin rejuvenation. It is ideal to treat those hard to reach places like around the eyes, nose and curved contours.

It is suitable for the face and body and conditions that can be effectively treated and managed by Dermapen3™ include:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles/dull tired skin
  • Anti-ageing and Hydration
  • Acne
  • Scarring
  • Rosacea
  • Stretch marks
  • Open and large shiny pores
  • Overall skin rejuvenation.


Before and After Dermapen3 Eye Treatment


Some clients report a mild tingling sensation with slight redness during the treatment.


Up to 24 hours after the treatment your skin may feel slightly red/swollen. Most of the time clients report their skin looks rejuvenated and feels normal within 2-3 hours post treatment.


Vast improvements can be seen after just one treatment, however depending on the condition your treating, two to three treatments may be required.

The benefits of a course of treatments  should last up to 24 months, this can vary between individuals and their lifestyle choices.

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